Know Your Culture dance group holds second annual cultural gala


Dancers in 18th century quadrille costume

Know Your Culture dancers shone vibrantly in a variety of Dominica’s cultural attire at their second annual cultural gala held on Saturday July 30th in New Jersey.

The groups founder, Sabina George-Mingo works tirelessly with Dominican citizens and their children, in teaching dances such as, flirtation, waltz, belle’, quadrille, heel & toe. Adults got rave reviews from the audience as they graciously danced the 18th century waltz and kids bounced around on stage with bows and arrows, performing Karifuna, while teen men & women danced the quadrille, all showcased on Saturday.

A live band serenaded the audience and dancers with cultural rhythms and musical instruments such as the boom boom, shack shack, accordion and drums.

Sitting in amazement was a hall filled with Dominicans and foreigners, who felt deep memories as their island’s culture came alive. Sabina ensures that every segment was perfect! From the dancers array of brightly colored attires, including jazzed up fullers and head pieces, hyped movements and stunning smiles.

Enticing dishes such as salt fish with bakes, peleau, fruit juices and other delicious foods were served.

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A special thank you to all supporters and sponsors.

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