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New York honour for Alison Hinds

Barbados’ reports that SOCA QUEEN Alison Hinds has been bestowed with an honour from New York City just in time for Christmas.

The former lead singer of Square One was presented with a proclamation and citation on Monday after performing with a host of Caribbean music headliners at the Caribbean Fever Music Festival at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn.

The proclamation, from Deputy Majority Leader of the New York City Council and Council Member for the 27th District Leroy Comrie, honoured Hinds for xemplary service spanning her 20-year career on music stages across the Caribbean and as far as Stockholm, Sweden.

The proclamation called her a legend, noted her appearance on the Today  Show, her work in chutney and soca music, as well as her humanitarian work in HIV/AIDS, women’s rights and with the Diabetes Foundation.

The citation was signed by Senator Eric Adams of the New York State Senate’s 20th District.

“It feels great to be recognized for what I do, not only outside of Barbados but outside of the region for these many years,”  Hinds told the SATURDAY SUN on  Thursday.

“But I still have more to do. I ain’t done yet,” said the singer of hits like Roll, Faluma, Ragamuffin and Unity.

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Barbados’ Lew Kirton: singer, drummer., which has published interviews with a number of musicians around the globe (including the Caribbean), presents an interview with Barbados’ Lew Kirton.

Interview: Lew Kirton

Lew Kirton (b. 1948) grew up in a religious household in St. Michaels in Barbados. Llewellyn Randolph Kirton as he was born began singing in St. Cyprians choir as a kid. Despite his parents aversion to secular music he continued to want to sing outside of church from age 12 – even when it meant to sneak out of the house to do it.

He went from the Starlighters, Draytons 3 (which after Kirton left became known as the Draytons 2), recording with Barbados’ most popular r ’n b outfit Blue Rhythm Combo, drumming with Sam & Dave to a solo career. For a kid who was nicknamed ”Jiggs”, after the skinny and bowlegged British cartoon of the same name, Mr. Lew Kirton has an impressive stature in both music and real life.

In the following youtube video, Kirton sings Heaven in the Afternoon.

The full interview can be accessed at: Interview: Lew Kirton «