Haiti’s Fiesta Season

Commentary: From mid July to mid August the fiesta season in Haiti will be in full swing
Published on July 11, 2011 in Caribbean News Now!.

By Jean H Charles
Jean H Charles MSW, JD is Executive Director of AINDOH Inc a non profit organization dedicated to building a kinder and gentle Caribbean zone for all. He can be reached at: jeanhcharles@aol

President Joseph Michel Martelly, in a tete a tete with the Haitian media moguls recently, has urged the press to swing their brush onto the better side of Haiti for the sake of his worldwide campaign of letting the world know that Haiti is now open for business.

It is a difficult request when the electricity blackout that used to be sporadic is now at regular interval. While there is water in the vicinity, none is coming into my house. There is a big pothole in the street that is now six months old. The garbage receptacle, too high for the regular users, is surrounded by detritus. These are small inconveniences considering that half a million people are still under tents and, no offense to the internal nomads, the fate of 5 million in rural Haiti who are living at less than one dollar a day is even worse! …read more.

By Ken Archer

I am an ethnomusicologist, who obtained my doctoral degree at the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. My areas of interests include the musical, ritual, and celebratory traditions of the circum-Caribbean and the African Diaspora.

I worked as a lecturer at the Columbus and Marion Campuses of the Ohio State University, where I taught classes in World Music, Rock and Roll/American Popular Music, Western Art Music, and directed the OSU Steel Pan ensemble.

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