Popular Singer, Cesaria Evora, Passes On

Cesaria Evora, one of the most popular singers of all time has just died today in Sao Vicente, a city in her own country, Cape Verde.

The official causes of death were cardiorespiratory insufficiency and hypertension, fact that had made her heart to stop.

This is a huge loss for the international music community, as Cesaria Evora was known to be the best singers of “Morna” – type of music that is originally from Cape Verde. The most interesting part of her life is that her (recording) career started only at 47 years old, even though she had always wanted to sing.

She was born in 1941 in Mindelo, Cape Verde, and she began to sing professionally 47 years later, in 1988, with the help of another singer from the country she was originally from.
Her first concert was on October 1st, 1988, in Paris, in front of a small crowd. However, due to her unique voice and charisma, from that moment, she started to gain more and more popularity.

Here are the most important moments of Cesaria Evora’s career:
1. 1993: she releases “Miss Perfumado” in France, which is a huge hit, with more than 300,000 sold and concerts all over the year.
2. 1995: the album “Cesaria” reaches the US Market, and gets sold in 200,000 copies
3. 1995-1999: about 1,000,000 copies of “Miss Perfumado” and “Cesaria” sold all over the world. Moreover, in 1999 she was nominated to one of the Grammy Awards;
4. In 2001 she releases her 8th album and has about 120 concert. Although she was happy to be so popular, she was already 60 years old, therefore so much effort lead to a decrease of her health in long term;
5. 2010: after a series of concerts, she suffers a heart attack and suffers a heart surgery;
6. 2011: she retires from her professional career, and dies on December 17, 2011 in Sao Vicente, a city in her own country, Cape Verde, due to cardiorespiratory insufficiency and hypertension.

Rest in Peace. God has now another soldier for his army.

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